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Why Almond Milk?

Almond Milk—“What in the world is that?,” you might ask.  Personally, I think it is probably one of the best alternatives to milk. Over the years, almond milk has quickly gained popularity as many are starting to realize that milk consumption is not all that good for your body as we were led to believe that the general perception.

Misconception – Based on many studies that have been conducted, our bodies weren’t designed to consume dairy beyond early childhood. According to Dr. Walter Willet of the Harvard School of Public Health, milk’s high protein could actually leach the calcium from our bones.  That means that if children were consuming milk, it basically sets them up for osteoporosis in the future—a scary thought indeed. The U.S. has the HIGHEST level of dairy consumption in the world, and guess what that has resulted in? You guessed it, the HIGHEST rate of osteoporosis.  Dairy can also cause bloating amongst other issues.  However, there is a great substitution that comes in the form of Almond Milk. Hurray!!

Nutritious- Now to talk about the health benefits and nutrition of almond milk for a little bit. We usually talk about how we should drink milk to get our calcium and Vitamin D. Well, I have good news for you folks; almond milk actually contains more nutrients and fewer calories than milk! That’s right, just check out the comparison chart below and you can see how they compare.

As you can see, almond milk contains more calcium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E with less sugar (unsweetened). It’s very diet friendly, if you’re aiming to lose weight.  Also, for those that are lactose, a switch to almond milk would be a great idea. The fat in almond milk is unsaturated and cholesterol-free. Unsaturated fats have been shown to decrease the risk of heart diseases, another plus!

Beautiful Skin – Another huge benefit to drinking almond milk is—it’s good for your skin. Ladies, I know this probably caught your attention. Again, almond milk is an excellent source of Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant. Antioxidants are important for your body because they protect cells from damages caused by free radicals. Vitamin E also acts as a shield ­for the skin when exposed to environmental and man-made pollutants harmful to the skin. Because of the Vitamin E present in almond milk and its protective properties as an antioxidant, it will make your skin healthy and younger-looking. Maybe that’s why I’ve been getting so many compliments about how good my skin looks, and I don’t even use any skin products, heh. Ladies (guys too), do I need to do anymore convincing?

Many of you may not have tried, let alone heard of almond milk, but trust! It’s a great alternative to milk, and contains many nutrients and health benefits. Did I mention that it also tastes good? I barely started my almond milk craze a few months ago and I have to admit, upon the first time trying it, I thought it was a little weird, but then after a few days, I forgot about milk and have used it in everything since then. From cereals, shakes, pancakes, etc., I couldn’t tell the difference! That’s how good it is.

To sum it all up, avoid milk as much as possible.  Drinking almond milk is a great way to get the nutrients you would normally get from milk. If you want healthy and younger-looking skin, almond milk can definitely assist you in that category. I recommend the brand Silk, which you can find at your local supermarket.  Try it out, see what you think of it, and let me know!


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