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12 Part Mini Series – Your Mindset and Inner Dialogue

 Part 2


Hey there, Brandon Long here with a post that is quite personal to me. This has been something that I have been dealing with and did not even recognize until I read a few books,went to a seminar, experienced and recognized my own mindset and inner dialogue, and was introduced to these next few ideas I am going to present to you. You see, your mindset is a wonderful thing. It can bring about great ideas, happy thoughts, great feelings, and make you feel and believe you are on top of the world. It can also give you,”writers block”, sad thoughts, very sad and depressed feelings, and make you feel like you are in the lowest pit in the known world. It can make you feel unstoppable. It can also make you feel like every obstacle is a giant 20ft wall.

But really it starts with your programming. What you are conditioned to believe, see, perceive, and think. You see, our thoughts, that little voice in your head is a combination of people you have interacted with, cultural, and society-based norms. Things like,”Practice makes perfect”, “You can be whatever you want to be”, are sayings and cliche’s that make standards unattainable and unrealistic. My little brother’s football coach says,”Almost perfect practice makes almost perfect!” And the statement,”You can be whatever you want to be” should be reconfigured and stated,”You can be whatever your supposed to be”

These ideas come from a book by the life and success coach, Blair Singer. He says that the little voice in your head is manageable. Blair states,”Inside you, there’s a champion and a loser. There’s a angel and a devil. There’s a hero and a villain. The question is, which one is going to win today?”

Sometimes our internal conversation sounds like this. Which ultimately can be your biggest enemy. For some of us, we have an innate ability to control this, but others are so engulfed by this dialogue that they do not even recognize that this is what their mind is saying to them. Some of the statements your little voice may say…
- I wasn’t smart enough
- I wasn’t good looking enough
- I’m too young
- I’m too old
- I don’t know how, and even worse, my information is not that good, not that new.
- Who wants to hear from me?

The first step to change is awareness. So if you are able to catch what your little voice says then you are already on the first step to your path of change. Recognizing that there is a little voice is monumental. Sometimes the first step is the hardest and you’ve achieved that! You should pat yourself on your back!

Stepping outside yourself and being able to look at yourself objectively is the next step to managing the little voice. If you are able to recognize what it is saying, than you can rationalize through them. Write down exactly what you are hearing, feeling, and experiencing.

I have my own set of inner dialogue, they say,”You should be further than where you are, you should be more successful, you should be more knowledgeable”. I was caught up in this mental funk and could not get myself to think otherwise. Which leads into the next step. The third step is to find a close friend with whom you could speak to. One of my very close friends, Mark Guillermo, helps me with this. If I am having a moment where my inner voice is speaking so loud that I cannot divert my attention to something else, I will give him a call. This is important. If you can find someone close to you to tell you how you are doing, that things will be okay, and your moving in the right direction, you will get out of that mental disaster.

This post is very personal to me and I am sure it is personal for you as well. We all have this inner dialogue with ourselves, but we just need to make sure that it is positive, self-assuring, and realistic of who we really are. Your inner voice is typically unrealistic and fearful. However, if we are able to distinguish the inner facade it tries to pull over our eyes and see through it, then we can truly manage our inner dialogue.

I hope these few lessons help you like that have helped me,

Committed to your personal development,

Brandon Long


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