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12 Part Mini Series – Weight Loss Tips – Value

Hey there!

BeLong here coming to you with the 3rd part of this weight loss mini-series. Its been a few weeks since I’ve written a blog post, but this particular one had me thinking for a while. My mind kept focusing on how to properly deliver to you this message explaining value. What is important to you, how you spend your time, even your perception, can all be altered with what it is you value.

Two statements below will elaborate on a part of value that I find the most intriguing.

“How you spend your time is the truest sense of what it is you value”

“actions speak louder than words”

Both of these statements revolve around your behavior.

This is a very simple example of actions and behaviors. One may say they want something, yet do not put forth the effort to achieve it.

For instance, you are back in high school and have a test the next day. You tell your friends, family, and fellow classmates you want to get an A+ on this next test. However, you have procrastinated to the day before to study and expect to yield an A+. This kind of behavior does not truly represent what it is that you want. There is internal conflict.

Next is a simple story of our perception of value. In this case, scarcity and rarity is the main example.

A client of mine was telling me a story of when she ate dinner with her friend. The waiter brought out the dessert, which happened to be the same dessert she had with another friend for his birthday, she uttered,”Hey, thats looks familiar”. The Waiter responds, “Ya, we make these all the time”, obviously not knowing that when the manager of the restaurant brought out the same dessert for the birthday, he said this was specially made. The perception of the dessert being specifically made for someone’s birthday gives it a higher perceived value. When its made like a commodity, its seen as something that everyone else can get, decreases its perceived value.

Value is what you find, perceive, and consider as important to you. Whether it be a meeting, exercising, or eating towards a particular goal, each one has a significance attached to it. However, sometimes what we do is not aligned to what we find important or value. Behavior is such a finicky thing, people want to live in lavish houses, have the body of their dreams, and make all kinds of money, but are not willing to do what it takes. What this is, is lack of value in the short term – instant gratification.

“Short term pain from discipline equal long-term gain from progress. Long-term pain comes form lacking short-term discipline.”

Those are truly powerful words.

Sometimes we need to be shown something in different ways to truly see its overall meaning.

An example of this could be someone succumbing to the cravings of foods not aligned with a proper nutrition plan. Being overweight and wanting the slim down, yet eating at McDonalds 5x a week. Within that very small instance where your body becomes hungry, what is more tempting, whats cheap, fast and on the way to work? Or what takes time, preparation, and a little work? By choosing to eat unhealthy on a normal basis, this means that the person does not value themselves enough to think beyond the moment of hunger. They fall prey to their own body’s internal cues.

We must aligned our behavior and actions with what we deem the most important, significant, and valuable. Whether it be the dream body you wish to achieve, a project you need to finish, squeezing in time to workout, otherwise we are just wasting our time with unimportant, insignificant, and valueless tasks and action.

Watch this video to get further insight on values.
Brian Tracy – Values

“What makes you feel important? What raises your self-esteem? What increases your sense of self-respect and personal pride? What have you accomplished in your past life that has given you the greatest sense of pride and satisfaction? These answer will give you good indications of your true values” – Brian Tracy

I hope this helps you realize a little more about your own behavior and actions.

Committed to your Success,

Brandon Long AKA BeLong


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