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78 Reasons To Avoid Sugar

Having trouble avoiding sugar while you’re trying to achieve your dream body or improve your health? You may want to take a look below and keep the details in mind to help you stay away from the sugars when faced with it next time. Here they are: 78   Reasons   To   Avoid   Sugar Taken straight from the writings of Dr. Victor Frank, founder/creator of Total Body Modification 1. Sugar can suppress the Read More

12 Part Mini Series – Weight Loss Tips – Value

Hey there! BeLong here coming to you with the 3rd part of this weight loss mini-series. Its been a few weeks since I’ve written a blog post, but this particular one had me thinking for a while. My mind kept focusing on how to properly deliver to you this message explaining value. What is important to you, how you spend your time, even your perception, can all be altered with what it is you value. Two statemen Read More

12 Part Mini Series – Your Mindset and Inner Dialogue

 Part 2   Hey there, Brandon Long here with a post that is quite personal to me. This has been something that I have been dealing with and did not even recognize until I read a few books,went to a seminar, experienced and recognized my own mindset and inner dialogue, and was introduced to these next few ideas I am going to present to you. You see, your mindset is a wonderful thing. It can bring about great i Read More

12 Part Mini Series – Weight Loss Tips For…

Your New Years Resolution!!! Tip # 1 – Goal Setting What is Your Fitness Goal for 2012? To start off the first weight loss tip series, I wanted to establish what it is you want and why you want it. Goals are very important when it comes to fitness. Going about your fitness goal by approaching it aimlessly will allow you to reach your goal.“A goal is a dream with a deadline” eloquently simple quote stated Read More


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