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‘Tis the Season for Giving – C3 Fitness Donates to Charity & Help Save Lives

Often times, we take for granted of what we have without really thinking about others in the world. Either this or we just simply don’t realize how good we have it until we see something that makes an impression on our hearts. I’ve been fortunate to learn and realized this over the years thanks to all the great mentors I’ve had in my life, who have helped me become the person I am today. When C3 came to life, Read More

The Super Veggies!!

Why Cruciferous Vegetables Are An Integral Part Of A Healthy Diet Regardless of the latest fad diet, there are certain nutritional facts that never change. When it comes to a healthy diet, vegetables remain a staple, not just for weight control and fat loss, but for the health and nutrition benefits they provide. If you want the most bang for your calorie buck, give cruciferous vegetables a try! What is a crucifero Read More

More Than Just A Hike

This is a pretty late update, but like they say “better late than never right?” A few weeks ago, I ran into some obstacles that had me scrambling nonstop. Once I was able to finish handling them, Thanksgiving week was right around the corner so I decided just to take the whole week off for vacation, to relax and enjoy the holidays. Being entrepreneurs, we tend to get swallowed up with our business that it leave Read More

Kale Salad

Every now and then, I’ll come across a recipe that was created or experimented by a client I had worked with. Usually, I’m pretty hesitant to try it out, but kale is one of my favorite vegetables to have in a salad so I thought to myself, why not? My client Anabel was in love with the Kale salad from Veggie Grill, so when she had found the recipe, she decided to try it out. That led to her blog post and Read More

Why Almond Milk?

Almond Milk—“What in the world is that?,” you might ask.  Personally, I think it is probably one of the best alternatives to milk. Over the years, almond milk has quickly gained popularity as many are starting to realize that milk consumption is not all that good for your body as we were led to believe that the general perception. Misconception – Based on many studies that have been conducted, our bodi Read More


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